Meet ‘Babyem’ our nanny training partner

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Nanny Network introduces Babyem

We are very proud to introduce our official partner – the wonderful Emma from Babyem who offer a wide range of courses and accredited qualifications for nannies and domestic staff.  Babyem has built up an excellent reputation for delivering quality maternity training and childcare courses in the UK, and are regarded as experts in their field.  

Becoming a qualified childcare professional sets you apart from individuals applying for the same position, increases your salary and also offers you the chance to have specialist training to to be more confident at work.

Why we choose Babyem

We chose Babyem as they are the first childcare qualification service to put their courses online – and we are very excited to offer this training to our members.  The key courses are a blend of online content, videos and live webinars delivered by industry experts.  Their core maternity nurse trainers are well known Lactation Consultants, Sleep Specialists and Paediatric Nurses with extensive experience working in the NHS and with their own private practices.

What kind of training can I do?

Through Babyem, you can complete many different courses from maternity nurse training, caring for multiples, baby massage, Au-pair training, first aid training and courses for OFSTED registration and much more

Who are the courses accredited by?

Our courses are accredited by Open College Network, one of the largest vocational bodies in the UK.

How do I book?

Take a look at their website to choose the right course for you! 

You can also call them on: 020 8986 9008

or email them:


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