3 fun ways to keep kids cool in the heat !

  • Pool noodle home made sprinkler

Super simple one! Create some holes in a pool noddle and thread the hose through it for hours of garden fun!

  • Water balloon piñata

Get some strong balloons, fill them with water and tie them up high.  You will need a stick for kids to smash them open and a blindfold to make it more fun.

ideas to keep kids cool in the heat

  • Home made pop sicles

  1. Place the mixed blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, sliced bananas, yogurt, and sugar into a blender. Cover, and blend until fruit is chunky or smooth, as desired. You can also add full pieces of fruit which will make them look extra cool when set!
  2. Fill moulds with 3/4 full with fruit mixture.
  3. Place the cups in the freezer for at least 5 hours.


Its really important to remember that babies and children can very quickly overheat – so check them regularly for any signs or symptoms.  Keep prams and children out of direct sunlight and do not cover the pram hood so that air can circulate.  Make sure kids are well hydrated and that if they are spending lots of time in cool water they are not cooling down too fast.  Sunscreen minimum factor 50 must be applied to the whole body, ideally before dressing a child, while hats and sunglasses are advised to keep sun out of their eyes and face.  Children running around in the sunshine having loads of fun must be reminded to keep drinking and to take it easy for a moment in the shade if they get out of breath.  Enjoy the sun safely everybody!


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