We started life as a nanny agency in 2011 based in London and during this we arranged hundreds of successful nanny placements.  Our clients included famous film directors, celebrity musicians, Royal family members of the UAE and corporate executive directors.  We also provided exclusive childcare to the top five star hotels in London.

We decided to create this platform you are using as we wanted to match many more nannies and happy families.

For parents we wanted to make the process of finding a nanny quick, safe, easy and affordable. For nannies we want you to be able to find the nanny job you deserve, so that you are in the right job and stay with the family for a long time.

The health, happiness and wellbeing of children is central to everything we do.  We only invite nannies to join our team who understand the needs of children and who create a kind environment for them to learn and develop.  We believe it is paramount that children are cared for, listened to and respected always.

We are always adding more features to the site depending on what our users need. Please get in touch if you have anything you would like to tell us.

Meet our team


Lucia has over 17 years experience of working in childcare.  She has worked as a nanny, babysitter, maternity nurse, executive nanny and has over 6 years experience of running her own childcare agency.

She grew up in Hackney, London and has lived and worked as a nanny in London, France and Italy.

Lucia attended university in the UK and France and now lives in Lisbon Portugal.

Lucia is highly motivated and ambitious and when not working she teaches and practices Yoga.


Pedro is a computer engineer who was born in Brazil. In 2017 he moved to Portugal to start his own projects.

As a lover of new technologies he has already worked in projects involving Virtual Reality and Internet of Things in his many years working for companies in Brazil.

Pedro is a tech lover, series addicted, (e-)sportsman and a dessert eater on his free time.


Yan graduated in Computer Engineering from his hometown Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

An enthusiast of startups and small companies, he’s previously worked as a developer in tech and finance companies. He recently moved to sunny Lisbon to work on his own projects.

When he’s not in front of a computer, you might find him playing sports or flying drones.

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