Who is Nanny Network?

We have been matching families since 2011 with their ideal nanny and we are now trying to offer parents a more affordable and accessible way to find a nanny.  Our team are carefully selected and we are constantly recruiting the best childcare providers around. We also work very closely with our partners so that we can provide every service that a parent needs in order to find and employ the perfect nanny.  If you have any direct questions for the team, please do not hesitate to contact us


Are my contact details displayed on the site?

Your personal contact details are not displayed anywhere on the site and neither is your full name.  It is only after you apply for a job that your contact information is shared with the parents so they can call you to arrange interview.

Why do you need a profile from me?

We ask for you to write a profile for our site to be able to join our team.  We see your profile as an introduction to you – and you can always send the parents your CV at a later date after you apply for a job they post.  Your profile will look the same as all the other nannies but it is your chance to show off! Don’t be afraid to write about what makes you a superb nanny.

What happens when I apply?

When you apply for any of the jobs on our site, the parents get a notification of your application.  Your full profile is automatically sent over to the parents and they will also receive your contact details to arrange an interview.

How do I see your jobs?

We first require every nanny or childcare provider who wants to join our team to sign up, create an account and make a free profile.  We ask you to please do this before you can view our jobs so we can regulate who joins our site and to keep it safe.


Can I trial a candidate before I take her on as my permanent nanny?

Absolutely and we fully encourage this so that you can be sure you are making the right choice. You may want to trial more than one candidate to compare or if you cannot decide between them. You may want to trial for a short time or a longer time and to include a settling in period for you and the nanny to become familiar with each other and for the nanny to get used to the children and your family.


Do I need to interview a nanny?

Absolutely! We would recommend that when you are ready to start interviewing some nannies that you do so at home – when most of the family members are able to meet her. We recommend you leave up to an hour for a nanny interview – and that you prepare a list of questions. If you are super busy a preliminary telephone interview could work and then a face to face interview can be organised second. We can offer more advice on interviewing a nanny – please ask.

How much do I pay a nanny?

The wages of each individual nanny can vary in different circumstances. Most nannies working in the London area charge £10-12 per hour inclusive or inclusive of tax. For more specialist or experienced nannies you may be looking at £12-18/hour depending on experience and qualifications. The amount you pay the nanny will also depend on the hours you require them to work – for example you may need them to work on a weekend and then the rate would be higher than during the week. We can assist and offer further advice on individual cases if you please email us

How do I receive responses?

You will receive responses directly to your email inbox and you can also log into your dashboard to check applicants.  Your dashboard will also contain information of previous jobs you have posted and also your account details if you need to update them.

Can I upgrade at any time?

If you log into your dashboard you can find your account details and here you can edit your personal information such as your address and also you can change your package plan there.

How do I pay?

Once you select which plan you wish to have, we take payments via our website using the secure card processing system called ‘Stripe’.  Our website is fully securely encryted with an SSL certificate so it is perfectly safe to use.  

What do I get for each package?



One-off job posting= £9.99


Monthly = £14.99 or

Annual payment = £117


One-off job posting= £34.99

Job listing on our site for 30 days Job listing on our site for 30 days Job listing on our site for 30 days
Job featured in our daily job alert newsletter sent to network Job featured in our daily job alert newsletter sent to team
Connect with local and available nannies Connect with local and available nannies
Full email support from our office team Full email support from our office team
Nannies see your jobs first
Search and contact our full team of nannies
One ‘urgent’ listing per month – have your job instantly sent around our network
Which package is right for me?

The basic package is a job posting that just sits on our website and relies on nannies viewing your job.  Both the featured and premium packages mean your job is directly sent to the nannies in our network so increasing the visibility.  You can use our site to find any type of childcare from daytime permanent nannies to one-off evening babysitters.  We recommend if you think you will be posting more than 3 jobs per year to take up a subscription in order to save money,  to be able to post unlimited job postings, and to access the full benefits of the website.

What is the cost of placing an advert?

We offer 3 levels of pricing so that there is something available for everybody

  1. Basic one-off job posting = £9.99
  2. Featured one-off job posting = £34.99
  3. Premium subscription for unlimited job postings =

Monthly payments = £14.99

Annual payment £117 (saving of 35%)

Why do I need to place a job advert?

We operate as a network of nannies and babysitters and we need parents to create an account by posting a job advert with us.  Your job advert has some required fields to be filled in such as the location of the job and job type (Eg permanent, temporary, full time etc)

To write your job description we need as much information as possible in order to best match you with the right nanny for your family.  We recommend to mention not only working hours and days, but also ages of the children they will be required to look after, and a list of duties you require.  See more information on our blog post here.

How do you screen the nannies in your network?

We screen and select every nanny to join our team.  We ask every nanny to send a CV, to submit all their personal information, be minimum 21 years of age, have a minimum of 2 years childcare experience, have at least 2 glowing references and to create a profile on our website. To become a fully verified member, we require a nanny has a DBS certificate and First Aid Training. 

What is the difference between a Nanny and a Babysitter?

A nanny is a person who can provide specialist care for your children, which usually takes place during the day. During this time, the nanny will care for all the needs of your child and will continue with an established routine. You may employ a nanny for when you go back to work, or to pick up your children from school or nursery. A babysitter, in general, has less experience than a nanny of working with children and will come and ‘sit’ in the evening when the children are already in bed or on their way to bed. At Nanny Network we can match you with any childcare your family needs – we can provide the perfect solution to all your requirements.