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How does a nanny share work?

A nanny share usually works by two families sharing a nanny so that she works across both houses for a number of hours. The nanny may be required to look after two or more children at the same time. Alternatively the families may share a nanny to have her part time in both families in order to offer a full week of work therefore ensuring a dedicated career nanny. Each nanny share situation is unique and must be discussed in lots of detail to arrange. We would only really recommend a nanny share when both families live locally to one another and if the children are of similar (-ish) ages.

A nanny share is a great idea if you want your children to socialise with other children during the day. It is also a good way to hire a good nanny and to keep down costs – as you split the nanny’s salary with the other family.

In order to begin a nanny share – both families should consider issues such as a double buggy, food for the children and who pays what and how much. You need to also discuss in which house the care is to take place so that all parties can get organised and make sure everything is taken care of – such as keys, access etc. Remember that consistency is key, it means the children are happier, and there is less to organise between both families and the nanny each day.

Who pays what for a nanny share?

Depending on how the share is organised, you will need to come to an arrangement in order that the nanny is paid the correct amount and on time. If you are splitting the nanny hours and cost directly down the middle, then this is relatively easy. However, if you are both hiring the nanny for different hours then it is really important to keep a proper track of this and payments. You could suggest that your nanny uses something like My hours a great time tracking app with reporting – so that all is completely clear.

For payments you could even set up a special online bank account such as Monzo or N26 so that payments can be easily accessed and made quickly online. Both families would also need to consider if the nanny would need to have access to petty cash and how this would be worked out.

Even if you don’t use any fancy apps, you could always just set up a ‘whatsapp’ group so that everybody can stay in touch throughout the day and hours or pay can be noted in the group. Our partner nannytax can help you work out tax payment for a nanny share and we highly recommend you use them especially when there are two families involved in paying the salary of a nanny.

Is there anything else that one needs to consider before entering a nanny share?

A big important thing to think about for a nanny share would be the holidays that both families wish to take during the year so that the nanny is not stuck for when she can take hers. It is really important from the beginning that this is very transparent – what is expected of the nanny and how holidays will be worked out. We recommend putting together a proper contract so that all is completely clear, and you can read more about this and download a model contract here.

How can we find a nanny for our share?

You can use our website to post your job details and then prospective nannies will apply to you. You need to create an account and then once you post your job details we recommend selecting the ‘featured’ job post so that more nannies will view your job therefore attracting more applicants. Take your time and sit down together in writing the job advert, detailing all the parts of the share and detail what are the important qualities in a nanny that you can both agree on. Eg both parties might want a nanny who is a good cook, but perhaps only one family wants a nanny who can speak French. Be prepared to compromise in order to find the ideal nanny for both families. Create your nanny job here and find your perfect nanny today!

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