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How to write a good nanny CV

In order to land your dream nanny job, you need to have a well written CV that stands out from the crowd. Your CV is the first impression that you give to parents so you need to it to fairly reflect you as the fantastic nanny you are! Get the nanny job you deserve by following our quick guide to writing a fantastic nanny CV.

We recommend that you take a couple of hours to create a real CV that is well written, clear, well formatted and with no mistakes.

It takes more than a friendly attitude and a way with kids to impress parents – and your CV needs to demonstrate why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Here are our top tips for nailing that CV:

  • Keep it to one or two pages maximum.
  • Save a word copy so you can edit later and a pdf so you can send it out to jobs. Do not send a copy of your CV in any other format, otherwise you risk it going in the bin before it is even opened!
  • Use a clear font, and dont make anything too wacky! Times New Roman is best.
  • Seperate the CV into sections, with a summary at the top.
  • You need to clearly detail your work history and explain any gaps.
  • Re-check your contact details make sure they are correct!
  • Once you finish the CV make sure you use spell check and correct any mistakes.
  • Add any important details so you can impress the parents – cooking skills, crafts or more.
  • Do not add any information about why a job came to an end – this can be discussed later in interview and is wasted space on a CV.
  • Make sure you detail which languages you speak.
  • If you have an old email address from when you were a teenager that reads ‘’ or something equally silly, then consider making a new email account with a more professional name.
  • Think about making a covering letter for each individual job you apply for – this shows employers that you are serious about the job and why you think are the right nanny for that particular position.
  • It is not common in the UK to put your photo on your CV but for nanny jobs this is becoming more common and it is entirely up to you. If you use a photo make sure it is up to date, professional and a clear headshot.
  • In the reference section, you need to only put details of previous references if you are sure those previous employers are happy to be contacted anytime. Otherwise save this discussion for the interview.

We have a basic CV template that you can download, edit and use to save you some time. We also have this more fancy template you can use to stand out from the crowd even more. Both are in a word format so you can edit with your details.

In order to apply for a job with us at Nanny Network, you need to first make an account and a free profile on our website. Your profile has a small snapshot of you and your work as a nanny, with your work experience and a photo of you. Your profile description needs to briefly explain who you are so that you can make an initial introduction to parents. Once you apply for a job via our network, you will then have the opportunity to send forward your full CV to the parents. Take a look at our latest jobs here and get the nanny job you deserve today!

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Find your ideal childcare today!

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