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Can I take my nanny on Holiday? Everything you need to know about employing a holiday nanny

Planning your dream get away but want to be sure to have the time to relax? Many parents take their nanny with them on holiday or employ a holiday nanny and it’s a great way to balance the childcare while away and make sure everybody leaves feeling relaxed.

If you already employ a permanent nanny and you would like them to accompany you and the family – you only need to check the holiday work fits in the contract you already have with the nanny. Unless you travel super regularly, or you have a different arrangement with your nanny – then taking your nanny away on holiday counts as usual working days and they are still entitled to true holiday days to take at another time.

Remember, it is most common for a nanny contract to contain 20 days of annual leave and 8 public holidays and usually two weeks leave can be chosen by the employer and two weeks by the nanny. Taking your nanny with you on holiday to work does not count as any of this and is separate to holiday specified in the contract. Take a look at our guide with a model contract for you to download and edit which should help figure this out. We also have a guide post specifically about holiday and sick pay here.

However, you may not already employ a permanent nanny and wish to employ a temporary nanny just for a holiday period and set an agreed amount of hours of work and pay. You can post a job on our website to find any kind of temporary nanny including a holiday nanny. If you are employing a temporary nanny to take on holiday who does not yet know your children, we recommend employing him or her for a few days in the month before the holiday so everybody can get used to each other.

How much should I pay my holiday nanny?

The amount you pay a holiday nanny should fairly reflect the hours of actual work involved. It is important that this is clearly talked through before the holiday starts so that everybody is clear on what is expected. You may want to offer an hourly or a daily rate with time for breaks. Depending on how long the holiday is you may want to include a day off for the nanny to rest and enjoy herself for a while. Perhaps you want to make a ‘mini-contract’ just for the holiday period so you can have all the working details written down to avoid any misunderstanding.

You will need to cover the cost of the flights, any other travel, accommodation, meals and spending money for your nanny. If you require the nanny to take the children to lots of attractions you may want to offer pocket money so the nanny can buy the kids souvenirs and more.

If you are using your usual nanny to take on holiday then the pay should be the same that you pay back home. You could argue that the job is easier and less work while on ‘holiday’, but the nanny is still working and it would only be fair to pay the usual amount. If you regularly travel needing your nanny to come then perhaps you could come to another arrangement. Or perhaps, if you are taking the nanny abroad for a ‘one in a lifetime experience’ – then perhaps the nanny would be happier with a little less hourly pay. This needs to be discussed and made clear from the start. Your usual nanny will already have tax paid as part of her contract so you do not need to worry about this.

For a temporary nanny you are taking on holiday you may want to offer between £10-20/hour depending on the amount of children and the what the job involves. If you are two families sharing a holiday nanny it is important that the pay reflects the number of children being cared for. You also need to make sure any evening babysitting is fairly remunerated especially for any super long nights. It is usual that a temporary holiday nanny is paid the hours in cash and is responsible for his or her own tax payments.

You can post a job on our website to find your ideal temporary or holiday nanny and if you have any questions, please call us on 0208 123 0105 or email us

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